Our Team

The ISSF team collaborates internationally with seafood companies, vessels and fishers, fisheries and marine scientists, Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs), retailers, and other agencies and stakeholders.

ISSF staff work to advance sustainable tuna fishing practices and policies in many ways — including by participating in global tuna RFMO meetings, directing at-sea research, assessing seafood company conservation efforts, and organizing workshops with tuna fishers.

2021 Annual Report

Read a message from ISSF President Susan Jackson in “Transparent Accountability Across Tuna Fisheries,” ISSF’s 2021 Annual Report. 

Our Team

Susan Jackson

President, ISSF

Holly Koehler

Vice President, Policy and Outreach

Dr. Victor Restrepo

Vice President, Science & Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee

Mary Sestric

Vice President, Communications

Pat Moody

Vice President, Finance

Michael Cohen

Markets Outreach Associate

Ana Justel-Rubio

Research Assistant

Lynne Mandel

Manager, Operations & Company Services

Dr. Hilario Murua

Senior Scientist

Dr. Gala Moreno

Senior Scientist

Dr. Lorena Recio-Vázquez

Data Analyst & Research Assistant

Sharon VanOuse

Content Manager

ISSF Videos

To learn more about ISSF’s people, programs, and progress on tuna and ocean conservation, browse our “About ISSF” playlist on YouTube.

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