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Tuna Vessel IMOs and Other UVI Numbers

A Unique Vessel Identifier (UVI) is a unique reference number for registered ships that allows for quick and accurate vessel identification.

IMO/UVI Vessel List

A verified resource for sustainable-fishing stakeholders.

A UVI can help to trace and verify a fishing or associated vessel’s activity over time — regardless of changes in name, ownership, or flag. 

International Maritime Organization (IMO) numbers are an internationally recognized type of UVI. But for vessels not eligible for IMO numbers, other types of UVIs exist — such as the TUVI (Tuna Unique Vessel Identifier) or the ISSF-UVI (UVI issued by ISSF).

UVIs & Seafood Traceability

ISSF has worked with the seafood industry to help make permanent, unique vessel identifiers like IMO numbers standard practice.

UVIs improve seafood traceability and help to discourage illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing activities.


ISSF’s IMO/UVI Vessel List includes all tuna fishing vessels with an IMO number as well as vessels not eligible for an IMO that are using either a TUVI or an ISSF-UVI as an alternative UVI.

An asterisk (*) after the vessel name indicates that the vessel has met all of these conditions: