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To advance sustainable tuna fishing, ISSF participating companies do more than commit to follow our conservation measures. They also petition Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs) and national governments to adopt better conservation policies and fleet requirements — based on ISSF position statements and priorities.

With the support of ISSF’s advocacy team, ISSF participating seafood companies — individually, and as stakeholders in fishery improvement projects (FIPs) and/or Marine Stewardship Council-certified fisheries

  • Sign and send advocacy letters to RFMOs and national governments on needed actions for sustainable global tuna and ecosystem management
  • Serve on national delegations and advisory committees to share information and ideas
  • Meet with government delegations to raise concerns and recommendations

Many vessels that supply tuna to ISSF participating companies also contribute to these advocacy initiatives.


ISSF participating companies’ self-reported advocacy activities in 2023, which we do not audit, are summarized below.

Meet Our Participating Companies

ISSF participating seafood companies are leading tuna processors, traders, and marketers from around the globe.

ISSF Priorities for RFMOs

Our science and advocacy experts have identified urgent changes for tuna RFMOs to make.

ISSF Position Statements

ISSF participating companies’ advocacy “asks” of RFMOs and governments reflect the recommendations published in ISSF position statements.