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Op-ed: Make EM ‘business as usual’ in tuna fisheries | And more on electronic monitoring


ISSF in the News

Op-ed: Make 2024 the year that EM becomes ‘business as usual’ in global tuna fisheries

In a new article for World Fishing & Aquaculture, ISSF President Susan Jackson urges action to unlock the transformative impacts of electronic monitoring.

“Investing in EMS is a ‘no-brainer’,” she writes, “And the cost of EMS equipment continues to become more affordable for both vessel owners and authorities. Yet EMS implementation remains too low and too slow.”

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Featured Content

An updated infographic reviews how tuna RFMOs are making progress in using electronic monitoring (EM) systems to provide on-board vessel monitoring, and other important information about this critical fisheries management tool.

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A new page on the ISSF website serves as a central hub for our technical content and general information on electronic monitoring.

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Did You Know?


ISSF’s Vessels in Other Sustainability Initiatives (VOSI) list now tracks if a vessel has installed, and is using, electronic monitoring systems (EMS). To be listed as such, vessels must meet the EM minimum system specifications and standards outlined in ISSF Technical Report 2022-09.

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