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Priorities for Tuna RFMOs | FAD Management, Electronic Monitoring, & More


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Priorities for Tuna Fisheries Management 

Each year, ISSF identifies priority actions for tropical-tuna regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOs) to take to improve fishery sustainability in their regions.

To shape RFMO discussion and decision-making, ISSF’s science and advocacy experts have outlined their concerns and advice for 2024. An updated ISSF web page offers an overview. ISSF position statements — which we disseminate ahead of RFMO annual meetings and special sessions — explore and expand on these priority topics.

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Success In Advocacy

In a video exploring the ISSF Strategic Plan, Continuously Improving Global Tuna Fishery Sustainability, ISSF President Susan Jackson reviews successes from our collaborative efforts to improve how tuna fisheries are managed—highlighting notable areas of progress like harvest strategies and FAD management.



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RFMOs have the legal frameworks, geographic scope, and membership to facilitate positive change across global tuna fisheries. Learn more about the world’s tuna RFMOs on the ISSF website.

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Op-Ed: Make 2024 the year that EM becomes ‘business as usual’ in global tuna fisheries

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