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On Tuna RFMOs | ISSF Priorities & Progress on Best Practices


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ISSF is committed to working with, and advocating to, tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs) to require and implement improvements in science and management.

RFMOs have the legal frameworks, geographic scope, and membership to facilitate positive change across global tuna fisheries. Tuna are highly migratory, swimming through both international waters and waters belonging to many nations. Countries sharing these resources together comprise RFMOs that manage tuna fisheries.

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Each year, we identify priority actions for tropical-tuna RFMOs to take to improve fishery sustainability in their regions.

To shape RFMO discussion and decision-making, ISSF science and advocacy expertise inform our concerns and advice for each organization. Our position statements — disseminated ahead of RFMO annual meetings — also explore these priority topics.


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Conservation Measures Support RFMOs

Several ISSF conservation measures were adopted specifically to support RFMOs and their regional tuna fleets in following best practices — including in vessel registration, listing, and authorization.

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RFMO Best Practices Snapshots

As part of our policy and advocacy work, ISSF evaluates tuna RFMOs’ progress in implementing best-practice recommendations. Our “RFMO Best Practices Snapshots” (PDFs) cover compliance processes, IUU vessel listing, transshipment, and other fisheries management topics.


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In our infographics library, you’ll find original ISSF graphics on key RFMO topics.


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