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Continuously Improving Global Tuna Fishery Sustainability | Read, Watch, Listen to Learn More about our Strategic Plan


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ISSF 2023-2027 Strategic Plan Introduces Theory of Change, Five-Year Goal, and More

This year, ISSF released its Strategic Plan for 2023-2027, Continuously Improving Global Tuna Fishery Sustainability, which lays out the research and advocacy organization’s mission and approach to achieving its tuna fisheries sustainability objective across the next five years.

“Through a robust, multi-stakeholder exploration process, we developed Continuously Improving Global Tuna Fishery Sustainability as an evolution of our prior strategic plan,” said ISSF President Susan Jackson. “ISSF’s science-based and collaborative work has driven progressive outcomes in the last five years — from our Vessels in Other Sustainability Initiatives (VOSI) list enabling more transparent vessel operations to the design of jelly-FADs that lessen the environmental impact of fish aggregating devices.

“Continuously Improving Global Tuna Fishery Sustainability allows us to build on such accomplishments, while responding to the current sustainability landscape,” Jackson continued. “Articulating our theory of change and a five-year goal, which emphasize a commitment to continuous improvement, helps us recognize the dynamic nature of the world’s tuna fisheries and the stakeholders who rely on them.”

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A series of brief videos feature ISSF President Susan Jackson discussing the ISSF Strategic Plan for 2023-2027, Continuously Improving Global Tuna Fishery Sustainability — from the organization’s theory of change to a review of successes to date and how ISSF is building on those in its newest plan.



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Aquademia: The Responsible Seafood Podcast

ISSF President Susan Jackson spoke about our latest Strategic Plan on a recent episode of Global Seafood Alliance podcast Aquademia. Aquademia aims to educate consumers and industry professionals on how seafood is connected with the issues facing our planet, what consumers can do to help, and arm them with the knowledge to make better seafood choices. Each episode features interviews with professionals from varied disciplines to demonstrate how deeply seafood is connected with our world.




Companies Commit to Conservation Measure that Requires Verified Reporting of Progress toward Strategic Plan Five-Year Goal

ISSF recently adopted a new conservation measure requiring its participating seafood companies to transparently report against progress in meeting the 5-year goal of the organization’s Strategic Plan. ISSF Conservation Measure 2.5 – Transparency in Reporting Progress Against ISSF Five-Year Goal supports the goal of ISSF’s 2023-2037 Strategic Plan, Continuously Improving Global Tuna Fishery Sustainability, which states:

By the end of 2027, all tuna fisheries from which ISSF participating companies source can meet and maintain the MSC certification standard or there is a clear roadmap and timeline in place to meet this standard that is underpinned by the best-available science.

Conservation Measure 2.5 is the newest addition to the organization’s 33 independently audited measures.

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