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Priorities for Eastern Pacific Ocean Tuna Fisheries | PLUS: How Do RFMOs Perform Against Best Practices?


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IATTC Position Statement

ISSF has released its position statement for the 101st session of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC), which takes place August 7-11, 2023, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The statement covers topics in the categories of complianceharvest strategiesFAD management, tuna stock conservation, and more.

Spanish version is also available.

Download the Position Statement


Featured Report

RFMO Best Practices Snapshot — 2023: Compliance Processes

Effective regional fishery management organization(s) (RFMOs) compliance processes promote system legitimacy and contribute to public and market confidence in the sustainable management of global tuna fisheries. An updated “snapshot” report identifies best practices in compliance processes and then shows each RFMO’s progress in implementing those practices.

Download the Snapshot


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Helping Fisheries Managers Better Monitor and Enforce Requirements for Member States

What good are regulations if they’re not followed? Why adopt policies without a strong plan to monitor adherence to them?  

In an era of greater expectations regarding transparency and accountability, these are the questions stakeholders are increasingly asking of RFMOs — the governing bodies that oversee many global fisheries resources. And for tuna fisheries, a vital, global food source and economic engine, those expectations are especially heightened. A group of policy experts is stepping up to help tuna RFMOs continue strengthening their compliance processes. 

Read more from ISSF’s Holly Koehler


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An updated table shows which RFMOs are leaders — that is, following best practices in fishery management — in several categories: IUU Vessel List, Authorized Vessel Record, Compliance Assessment Process, Observer Requirements, Supply & Tender VesselsVMSTransshipment, and FAD Management.

Download the graphic

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