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World Oceans Day | Healthy Fisheries, Healthy Oceans


It’s World Oceans Day, and this year’s theme is Planet Ocean: Tides are Changing.  

Today’s newsletter highlights ISSF’s work with scientists, fishers, vessels, seafood companies, conservationists and others in helping to reduce the impact of tuna fishing on the marine ecosystem — to put the ocean first. 

Peer Reviewed Article 

Biodegradable drifting fish aggregating devices

Current status and future prospects

Abandoned, lost or discarded fish aggregating devices (FADs) can contribute to the global marine litter problem. Transitioning to biodegradable and non-toxic materials that have a faster rate of decomposition, and are free of toxins and heavy metals, relative to synthetic materials, has been prescribed as an important part of the solution to reducing marine pollution from industrial tuna fisheries that rely on FADs.

A recent article in Marine Policy reviews the current state of FADs and considers aspects related to the use of biodegradable materials in their construction, including regulations related to FAD materials and trials of biodegradable designs and materials and future alternatives.

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ISSF fisheries scientist Dr. Gala Moreno teamed up with physical oceanographers to design and test biodegradable FADs as more sustainable options for tuna fishing.


Sustainability Science & Innovation

With the release of ISSF’s new Strategic Plan Continuously Improving Global Tuna Fishery Sustainability, ISSF President Susan Jackson highlights ISSF scientific contributions for more sustainable tuna fishing.



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Verifying Sustainability Commitments in the Global Seafood Supply Chain

A Q&A with MRAG Americas Vice President Dr. Graeme Parkes and ISSF President Susan Jackson.



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