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NEW ISSF Conservation Measure | Companies Will Report Progress toward Strategic 5-Year Goal


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ISSF Participating Companies Commit to New Conservation Measure that Requires Verified Reporting of Progress toward Strategic Plan Five-Year Goal

ISSF has adopted a new conservation measure requiring its participating seafood companies to transparently report against progress in meeting the 5-year goal of the organization’s new Strategic Plan. ISSF Conservation Measure 2.5 – Transparency in Reporting Progress Against ISSF Five-Year Goal supports the goal of ISSF’s 2023-2037 Strategic Plan, Continuously Improving Global Tuna Fishery Sustainability, which states: 

By the end of 2027, all tuna fisheries from which ISSF participating companies source can meet and maintain the MSC certification standard or there is a clear roadmap and timeline in place to meet this standard that is underpinned by the best-available science.

Conservation Measure 2.5 was adopted on April 19, 2023 and is the newest addition to the organization’s 33 independently audited measures. The first reporting deadline for the measure is March 2024.

“We are pleased that our Strategic Plan includes an explicit, timebound goal for the first time in ISSF’s history,” said ISSF President Susan Jackson. “Our newest conservation measure takes that concept one step further by verifying company-by-company reporting of progress in meeting that goal.”

“ISSF participating companies walk the talk on transparency in their commitments, and this new measure that aligns company operations to our strategic target is no exception,” Jackson continued. “We look forward to sharing the results of the independent audit of company conformance with this measure in next year’s edition of our Annual Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Report — a consistent and accessible resource for stakeholders seeking greater transparency in global tuna fisheries.”

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99.75% Conformance by Participating Companies with ISSF Conservation Measures

23 of 25 Seafood Companies Fully Compliant with All 33 Sustainable Fishing Measures Audited

ISSF recently released its Annual Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Report, which shows a conformance rate of 99.75 percent in 2022 by 25 ISSF participating companies with all 33 ISSF conservation measures in effect

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