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Op-ed: MRAG Americas Vice President Graeme Parkes stresses value of third-party audits

As part of its commitment to foster transparency and accountability in the fishing industry, ISSF engages third-party auditor MRAG Americas to assess ISSF participating seafood companies’ compliance with ISSF conservation measures according to a rigorous audit protocol. ISSF President Susan Jackson sat down recently with conformity assessment body MRAG Americas Vice President Graeme Parkes to discuss the ISSF audit and compliance process.

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New tuna fisheries project poised to ensure all major tuna stocks are fished sustainably by 2027

A new phase of the Common Oceans Tuna project is aiming to make sure that all major tuna stocks are fished at sustainable levels by 2027. This ambitious goal is part of its efforts towards more sustainable tuna fishing and biodiversity conservation in the ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ).

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Lessons learnt from the first large-scale biodegradable FAD research experiment to mitigate drifting FADs impacts on the ecosystem

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Our “Change Over Time” line graph tracks the percentage of ISSF participating companies that are in conformance, minor non-conformance, or major non-conformance with ISSF conservation measures. The graphic tracks compliance based on data published in the Update to ISSF Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Report (November 2022).

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ISSF Board welcomes New Chair 


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