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ISSF believes it’s important to work with all stakeholders — and tuna processors, traders, and/or marketers are integral to improving the sustainability of the world’s tuna resources.

Seafood companies worldwide are invited to participate in ISSF’s efforts to foster sustainable tuna fishing and sourcing practices. All companies work with the Foundation to advocate for improved fishery management, fund scientific advancements through research and expert analysis, and take direct action to encourage the adoption of responsible fishing practices – all while committing to a suite of conservation measures aimed at improving the long-term health of global tuna fisheries.

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ISSF produces videos to highlight our organization’s people, programs, and events. Browse the videos on the ISSF website and on ISSF’s Tuna Sustainability YouTube channel, including playlists on bycatch mitigationskippers workshops, scientist interviews, and the ISSF story.

Peruse or search to learn about ISSF’s latest research projects and findings, fishing policy outreach, partnerships, publications, and team news.

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ISSF is helping to improve tuna transshipment policies, practices, monitoring, and compliance — through our conservation measures for seafood companies and vesselsbest practices researchRFMO benchmarking analysis, and advocacy outreach.

A new web feature on the ISSF site provides an overview of at-sea transshipment in tuna fisheries, why oversight is essential for sustainable fisheries, and the steps stakeholders can take to push for better oversight of tuna transshipment. A list of ISSF resources is also included.

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