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Sea Turtles and Tuna Fisheries


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Protecting Sea Turtles

ISSF supports multiple initiatives to help track and mitigate the bycatch of sea turtles, especially in longline fisheries. Among the strategies to help protect sea turtle populations, nesting conservation projects can have one of the largest positive impacts.

Nest destruction represents an additional mortality threat to sea turtles and has many causes, including:

  • Over-harvest of eggs for human consumption
  • Predation by feral pigs and dogs
  • Habitat degradation due to development, deforestation, pollution, and other human activities

ISSF supports sea turtle research, conservation, and educational projects worldwide through an annual fund created by several ISSF participating companies: Bumble Bee, Thai Union/COSI, TriMarine, and StarKist.

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ICYMI: ISSF Strengthens Conservation Measures on Best Practices for Protecting Sharks, Sea Turtles, and Seabirds; Shark Finning Prevention; and FAD Management Policies

ISSF recently announced updates to ISSF conservation measures (CM) that help ensure best practices for protecting sharks, sea turtles and seabirds; advance shark-finning prevention; and address fish aggregating device (FAD) management.

“ISSF continuously evolves our science-based conservation measures that guide seafood companies and tuna fishers to more sustainable practices. The ISSF Board of Directors has adopted changes to three vessel-focused measures that serve to deepen each measure’s impact,” said ISSF President Susan Jackson.

The amended measures include:

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Featured Infographic

Reducing Sea Turtle Mortality  

An infographic, created in partnership with SUBMON and EcoPacifico+, shows fishermen how to safely handle sea turtles unintentionally caught during tuna fishing to help them survive.

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ISSF in the News

Tipping Point: Fisheries on the Brink – A PBS NewsHour Special

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