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NEW: Update to ISSF Conservation Measures & Commitments Report Latest Report Shows 100% Conformance Rate


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ISSF Participating Tuna Companies Achieve Full Compliance with 30 Science-Based ISSF Conservation Measures

ISSF has released its sixth annual Update to ISSF Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Report, which shows a conformance rate of 100 percent by 26 ISSF participating companies with all 30 ISSF conservation measures in effect. Following the remediation period, all 26 companies were fully compliant with all 30 measures audited. 

As part of its commitment to foster transparency and accountability in the fishing industry, ISSF engages third-party auditor MRAG Americas to assess ISSF participating seafood companies’ compliance with ISSF conservation measures according to a rigorous audit protocol.

“Since we began our compliance and audit process for ISSF participating companies in 2015, we’ve seen the conformance rate improve nearly every year, a heartening indication of industry’s growing openness to scrutiny and science-backed conservation efforts,” said ISSF President Susan Jackson. “We are especially proud to see consistently strong compliance from these seafood companies even as we have continued to expand our conservation measures — from 21 initially to 30 today — and raise the bar for them to reach.” 

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Our Audit Process

As part of their commitment to improve the sustainability of tuna fisheries, ISSF participating companies agree to be audited annually on their conformance with ISSF conservation measures.

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Aggregate Participating Company Compliance Over Time

Our “Change Over Time” graphic tracks the percentage of ISSF participating companies that are in conformance, minor non-conformance, or major non-conformance with ISSF conservation measures. This graphic tracks compliance based on data published in the our Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Reports.

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