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Latest ISSF Participating Tuna Company Compliance Report Shows 99 Percent Conformance with ISSF Conservation Measures

Washington, D.C.

ISSF Participating Companies Maintain 95 Percent or Greater Conformance Rate for Third Consecutive Year; Single Major Non-Conformance from Previous Reporting Period Remediated

The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) has released its fourth annual Update to ISSF Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Report, which shows a conformance rate of 99 percent by 25 ISSF participating companies with all 27 ISSF conservation measures in effect as of 2018.

As part of its commitment to foster transparency and accountability in the fishing industry, ISSF engages third-party auditor MRAG Americas to assess ISSF participating seafood companies’ compliance with ISSF conservation measures according to a rigorous audit protocol.

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The November 2019 report is based on updates to the initial annual audit results published in April 2019, wherein some companies had “minor” or “major” non-conformances with conservation measures in 2018:

  • The April 2019 annual report showed that one company had a major non-conformance, which had been remediated as of the November 2019 report’s release.
  • There were no other instances of major non-conformance in 2018.
  • ISSF also noted in the November 2019 report that eight participating companies had at least one minor non-conformance, for a total of nine minor non-conformances.

MRAG Americas defines a minor non-conformance as: “Company does not fully comply with a particular conservation measure or commitment, but this does not compromise the integrity of ISSF initiatives.”

The rate of full conformance for each period since participating-company compliance reporting began is reflected below:

Annual compliance report Update to annual compliance report
June 2015: 79.8 percent No Update report published in 2015
June 2016: 87.2 percent November 2016: 95.6 percent
May 2017: 97.5 percent November 2017: 100 percent
June 2018: 97 percent November 2018: 99 percent
April 2019: 98.5 percent November 2019: 99 percent

“As we close a year of celebrating ISSF’s decade of discovery, we are pleased to reflect on consistent years of company-specific, third-party compliance reporting,” said ISSF President Susan Jackson.

“There’s been a 100 percent success rate in ISSF participating companies addressing major non-conformances for the last three audit years, and these companies have regularly surpassed 90 percent in their rate of full conformance with a growing list of ISSF conservation measures. The ISSF audit and compliance process holds industry participants to a higher, completely transparent, standard, making sustainability a core part of their overall strategy.”

The Update to ISSF Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Report is published each November to track ISSF participating companies’ progress in conforming with ISSF conservation measures like these:

In addition to the summary compliance reports published in April and November, MRAG Americas issues yearly individual ISSF participating company reports that detail each company’s compliance with all ISSF conservation measures. These include “update” reports, published throughout the year, that explain how individual companies have remediated any non-conformance on the conservation measures.

More Information about ISSF Conservation Measures & Compliance

For long-term tuna sustainability, tuna companies worldwide choose to participate with ISSF, follow responsible fishing practices, and implement science-based conservation measures. From bycatch mitigation to product traceability, ISSF participating companies have committed to conforming to a set of conservation measures and other commitments designed to drive positive change — and to do so transparently through third-party audits.

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