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ISSF Releases Videos of Marine Scientists Talking Tuna, How they Entered the Conservation Field

Washington, D.C.

Interviews from Marine Scientists: “Reel Insights” and “Getting My Feet Wet”

The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation has released a series of new videos featuring on-staff scientists and members of its volunteer Scientific Advisory Committee, who work for and advise organizations like the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service, the Pacific Community (SPC), AZTI, and the Marine Stewardship Council

The videos, which are available on YouTube, cover two themes. “Reel Insights” videos feature scientists discussing their areas of expertise and sharing candid thoughts on tuna conservation and tuna science issues. In “Getting My Feet Wet,” they discuss their love for the sea and how they turned passions for conservation into careers.  

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Collectively, these ISSF scientific advisors have:

The featured scientists are: 

John Hampton, Ph.D., Oceanic Fisheries Program (SPC) and ISSF Scientific Advisory Committee
Explains the complexity of tuna as a species and its importance for small island countries, both economically and for food security.

Mark Maunder, Ph.D., Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) and ISSF Scientific Advisory Committee
Discusses the role that data and information play in achieving healthy and sustainable tuna populations.

Gala Moreno, Ph.D., ISSF Consultant
Shares her work with scientists and fishers to mitigate the impact of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) on the ecosystem and non-tuna species, including the implementation of non-entangling biodegradable FADs

Keith Sainsbury, Ph.D., Marine Stewardship Council Technical Advisory Board and ISSF Scientific Advisory Committee
Stresses the importance of improving fisheries around the world, and the value of tuna for the ecosystem and for humans. 

Josu Santiago, Ph.D., AZTI and ISSF Scientific Advisory Committee
Reflects on the collaboration of scientists and vessel skippers at ISSF skippers workshops to work on mutually beneficial bycatch-mitigation techniques. 

Dale Squires, Ph.D., National Marine Fisheries Service and ISSF Scientific Advisory Committee
Explains how the “tragedy of the commons” has created a need for greater global cooperation in the management and conservation of tuna. 

Meryl Williams, Ph.D., Chair, Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries Section and Honorary Life Member, Asian Fisheries Society and ISSF Scientific Advisory Committee
Discusses the increase in women involved in fisheries research and in conservation. 

Other scientists profiled include head of the ISSF Scientific Advisory Committee and VP of Science Victor Restrepo, Ph.D.; ISSF marine scientist Ana Justel-Rubio; and AZTI’s Jefferson Murua, Ph.D., current coordinator and presenter for the ISSF Skippers Workshop program. 


Visit the ISSF YouTube channel for the “Reel Insights” and “Getting My Feet Wet” videos. The “Scientist Interviews” playlist contains both sets of videos.


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