Interactive Stock Status Tool

This interactive tool allows you to visualize current and historical data from ISSF’s Status of the Stocks report, which scientifically assesses 23 commercial tuna stocks worldwide.

The tool has two tabs — one for visualizing tuna stock health since 2011, and another for visualizing the current tuna catch by fishing method. Read our press release for more background on the tool.

Customized Graphics of Key Tuna Data

You can generate a variety of customized graphics within the tool based on the parameters you choose in the checkboxes (such as “stock area”) and buttons. On the Tableau line at the bottom of the tool, use the symbol links at the right to:

  • Undo or redo your last action, or reset the dashboard
  • Share the graphics you generate via email, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Download graphics as PDFs or image files
  • See graphics in full-screen format

As in our Status of the Stocks report, the “stock areas” in the tool represent scientifically categorized tuna-stock areas, not strict geographic regions. Before you use the tool, you may want to consult the table beneath it to see which stocks occur in which stock areas.

Tuna Data Visualization Tool

List of Tuna Stocks by Stock Areas

The table below, which you can sort by column and filter using its Search tool, shows which stock areas you should select in the tool to see data on certain tuna stocks or species. For example:

  • Selecting only “AOAtlantic Ocean” will show data for the tuna stock(s) that have a single whole Atlantic stock.
  • Selecting one individual Atlantic area, such as “AO – Atlantic Ocean – East,” will show data for the tuna stock(s) that have a specific “Eastern Atlantic” stock within the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Selecting all Atlantic areas together will show data for all tuna stock(s) in the Atlantic Ocean.

Note that the first Status of the Stocks report (reporting 2011 data) did not include bluefin tuna stocks.

STOCK Species Stock Area
EPO-BET Bigeye tuna Eastern Pacific Ocean
EPO-YFT Yellowfin tuna Eastern Pacific Ocean
EPO-SKJ Skipjack tuna Eastern Pacific Ocean
WPO-BET Bigeye tuna Western and Central Pacific Ocean
WPO-YFT Yellowfin tuna Western and Central Pacific Ocean
WPO-SKJ Skipjack tuna Western and Central Pacific Ocean
PO-ALB-N Albacore tuna Pacific Ocean – North
PO-ALB-S Albacore tuna Pacific Ocean – South
PO-PBF Bluefin tuna Pacific Ocean – North
AO-BET Bigeye tuna Atlantic Ocean
AO-YFT Yellowfin tuna Atlantic Ocean
AO-SKJ-E Skipjack tuna Atlantic Ocean – East
AO-SKJ-W Skipjack tuna Atlantic Ocean – West
AO-ALB-N Albacore tuna Atlantic Ocean – North
AO-ALB-S Albacore tuna Atlantic Ocean – South
AO-ALB-M Albacore tuna Atlantic Ocean – Mediterranean sea
AO-BFT-E Bluefin tuna Atlantic Ocean – East
AO-BFT-W Bluefin tuna Atlantic Ocean – West
IO-BET Bigeye tuna Indian Ocean
IO-YFT Yellowfin tuna Indian Ocean
IO-SKJ Skipjack tuna Indian Ocean
IO-ALB Albacore tuna Indian Ocean
SH-SBT Bluefin tuna Southern Hemisphere