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Associate Member

Joined ISSF: 2015

FOODTECH JSC is an innovative, pioneer and one of the leading canned tuna exporters in Vietnam. Established in 1992, FOODTECH JSC is 100% Thai-owned family company operating in Vietnam. It specializes in the export of canned and pouched tuna. Raw materials are sourced locally and internationally strictly as per global standards and norms to give quality and best product to customers worldwide. Our products are various tuna products in different sizes both in cans and in pouches. FOODTECH JSC aims to produce safe, good quality and lawful products sourced from legal fisheries to satisfy our customers’ sustainable processing, authentic selection on raw materials & packaging and continuously improve quality management. We do care about both the environment and our employees’ lives. FOODTECH JSC is also an active member of world-class institutions to extend our collaborative responsibilities on environment and commitment to sustainability. To name a few, in 2015, we joined ISSF as an Associate member.