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Document: Invitation To Greenpeace To Join Environmental Stakeholder Committee

Sari Tolvanen
Greenpeace International
Ottho Heldringstraat 5 1066 AZ
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We are writing to encourage you to share your passion, knowledge and ideas with a diverse coalition working to improve the sustainable outlook for global tuna fisheries.
The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) Environmental Stakeholder Committee provides an opportunity for environment and conservation leaders around the world to sit together in one room to advance some of the most important issues facing our oceans. It’s vital, not only to influence consumer habits, but also to dig into the deep-rooted issues that are responsible for the challenges we face today.

Attendees of each Committee meeting are provided with an update on ISSF actions, as well as the opportunity to ask questions about the Foundation’s focus, projects and tactics. The Committee presents a real opportunity to help influence the ISSF decision-making process by participating in these meetings and providing your expertise and ideas. Advice and comments are delivered directly to the ISSF Board of Directors and ISSF Participating Companies.

All of the members who serve on this Committee have maintained a distinction between their work and their participation in this forum, and it is clear that attendance does not constitute an endorsement of the Foundation or its approach and policies. There is also welcome participation from non-members of the Committee. Any group is invited to attend.

We would like to personally invite you to join us for the next ISSF Environmental Stakeholder Committee this fall. We will be sure to follow up with details once the date and location have been determined. As you will find out, there is great opportunity to build upon the progress that is already being made, simply by convening together in one room.

Meantime, if you would like more information about attending, please contact Oleg Martins, Senior Program Officer for Markets & Fisheries, with WWF-US at [email protected].

Sincere Regards,
Susan Jackson President
Victor Restrepo Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee

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